The Craftsman Restaurant enters the world of Blogging

Welcome to The Craftsman Restaurant Blog!

What are we going to write about here?  We are not sure yet…we are really more comfortable in the kitchen, and in the restaurant serving you, our guests. We are sure to figure it out along the way though….and we think it might even be fun.  If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see here, feel free to leave a comment.

Of course we do have some  ideas, like what’s cooking in the kitchen,  our Burgers of the week,  Lunch and Dinner Features, interesting info about food,  why it is important to know where your food really comes from, why it is important to support local organic farmers, where you can get some of our great local organic produce, what’s happening at The Craftsman, what’s happening in our community – the Bancroft area, in beautiful North Hastings.

We are an area rich in nature, talent, creativity, and there is always lots happening here in the Bancroft area.  Did you know Bancroft is the Mineral Capital of Canada?  The international mineral show, the  Rockhound Gemboree, is held here every summer.  Bancroft was voted Ontario’s most talented town, and some of that talent can occasionally be found performing at The Craftsman.

While you’re attending some of the great events in our area and looking for a place to eat – whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner – come on in to The Craftsman…we’d love to see you!

Looking for some more information about us now…visit our web site

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