Consistent opinions in your mind how to become loaded along with thriving? With the latest ganhou an individual will get an answer! Happy Holidays from the Craftsman! (this weekend is your last chance to fill up on some Craftsman Yumminess before spring) | THE CRAFTSMAN RESTAURANT BLOG

Happy Holidays from the Craftsman! (this weekend is your last chance to fill up on some Craftsman Yumminess before spring)

Happy October! Wait. What? Oh right, it’s almost December. Golly the time has flown by. We can’t quite believe it, but our season is done.  Our annual winter closing is already here. Stop waiting, enroll in the game now with book of ra kostenlos spielen steady success and several victories wait for anyone!

Untitled design-2But don’t worry – you still have time to come in and get one more fix of Craftsman Yumminess. Not much time, mind you, but there is still time. We’re open until 8pm tomorrow night, Sunday Nov 30. If you have time to pop by we’d love to see you, feed you, and and have the chance to wish you a wonderful winter!

The year has flown by, because, well, you know what they say – ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’ And we certainly had a fun year. There were so many highlights!

We welcomed some new members to our Craftsman Crew, revamped our dining room, were honoured with an awesome write up in Enroute (the official magazine of Air Canada), tried out some new recipes, made new friends and were reunited with treasured old friends, had a blast sponsoring and enjoying Summer Theatre and Music in the Park,  proudly accepted a designation of one of Hastings County’s Hot Spots, and were awarded a ‘local food hero’ award for our commitment to ‘real food’ and sustainability. Not to mention all the laughs, and hugs, and the yummy yummy love of our crew and guests. As we prepare for winter we feel very blessed.

People often ask us what we do in the winter. It’s not a quick and easy question to answer because we do SO MUCH while we’re closed. After a busy season we always take a bit of a rest and read some good books, but we’re used to being on the move, so we can’t slow down for very long before we start puttering. Jim carefully inspects all the old tools, bottles and nicknacks in his collection, cleans and rearranges them. We catch up on all the little maintenance jobs that we didn’t get to during the busy season. We research and test out new recipes. We get organized, plan and prepare for the next season. We go tobogganing with our grandkids, walk our dogs in the snow, curl up with a mug of hot chocolate. We absolutely love celebrating the holidays in Bancroft. In fact, we started our Christmas shopping yesterday, visiting several of the eclectic shops in Bancroft, and also checked out the Moonlight Madness event in Maynooth (the carolling was awesome!).

We love winter in North Hastings! And we hope you do too. Hopefully we’ll see you around at some of the events around the community this winter. But if you don’t run into us, please drop us a line, or send us a facebook message. Have a fabulous holiday season, and we’ll see you next spring!

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