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EnRoute to a whole wide world of deliciousness!

enroute cover

We’re featured in this month’s issue of Air Canada’s magazine ‘enRoute!’ Quit ready, be part of the experience now with book of ra kostenlos ohne anmeldung sofort spielen continuing success and plenty of victories anticipate people!

Guess what!? We’re feeling pretty darn special this week. We’ve been featured in the July issue of EnRoute, the official magazine of Air Canada! That’s right, the next time you’re thirty-five thousand feet up in the air you can read all about little ol’ us. Talk about exposure; the magazine has a readership of over a million people per month. Yup. You read that right: a million! Wowsa! And writer Dan Rubinstein had so many nice things to say about us that we’re collectively blushing a sweet shade of pink (no, it’s not a sunburn…though we have been immensely enjoying this awesome North Hastings summer).

How could you not have an amazing summer with a location like this. North Hastings is AWESOME!

How could you not have an amazing summer with a location like this. North Hastings is AWESOME!

Dan, accompanied by his wife and kids, came for dinner a couple Wednesdays ago when Kirk Bates was here playing some great music for us all. Dan and his family were tired out and hungry after a long and fun filled day checking out recreational geology in the area. We’re so glad he came by. It was great to meet him, and we’re very touched by his lovely comments. Here’s what he said about us:

“Perched on a hill above the highway, The Craftsman looks like a little yellow house. Inside, with a ppickeral dinnerInterior 2late of lightly breaded Lake Erie perch, a bottle of Ontario’s Church Key pale ale and a guy on a guitar in the corner covering Blue Rodeo and Gordon Lightfoot songs, the Craftsman feels like home. Sit in a bright red booth by the windows or on the enclosed porch where miners used to bring their ladies to dance in the 1950s (back when the diner was called the Little Brown Jug). On the special board, look for burgers made with organic, grass-fed beef from up the road. Order the perfectly grilled Manitoulin Island pickerel, served with creamy coleslaw made from scratch – like everything else on the menu.”

You can read Dan’s whole article here: http://enroute.aircanada.com/en/articles/getaway-to-bancroft

It was really neat to meet Dan, especially because we’re big readers around here and last fall we enjoyed reading his piece ‘the walking cure’ in the Walrus (you can read it here). In addition to en Route and the Walrus, Dan’s articles have appeared in publications such as The Economist, the Globe and Mail, Cottage Life, Canadian Business, explore, and Canadian Geographic. You can find out more about Dan here.

Ellenberger burgerEllenberger boardWe’re so glad that Bancroft has been featured in EnRoute, because come on, let’s face it, this part of the world is awesome, and people everywhere deserve to know it!

We’re also positively tickled that Dan and his family enjoyed their meals and found us worthy of writing about…and sharing with the world! And it just so happens that the ‘organic grass-fed beef burger from up the road’ that Dan mentioned in his article is on special this week. That’s right, our Burger of the Week is the Ellenberger Burger: six delicious ounces of organic grass-fed beef from the Ellenberger Organic Farm (you can read more about the farm here), topped with aged white cheddar, and all your favourite fixings, and served with fries of course. It’s on special all week, so come on by.

Kirk Bates entertaining us all with his groovy tunes!

Kirk Bates entertaining us all with his groovy tunes!

And if you come and get seated next to a table of Turkish diplomats or French foodies, you can thank Dan and Air Canada for endorsing us to the whole wide world!

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