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The Buzz on our new Breakfast Menu


Even the bees stop by The Craftsman for a snack!

Even the bees stop by The Craftsman for a snack! Quit waiting around, become a member of the game now with book of ra kostenlos online spielen continuing chance and a lot of victories wait for anyone!

Hi there! We missed you! So, it’s been a few weeks now since we re-opened for the season, and we’ve been busy getting back into our routines at the Craftsman: training a few new crew-members, coming up with new burgers to feature on the ‘burger of the week board,’ moving a few tables and art around… We’ve been busy as bees! Speaking of bees, people keep asking us about our new breakfast menu, and why there’s a photo of a bee on the front of it.

The menu items haven’t really changed much. There are a couple new things (like the breakfast bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, and capers…yum!), but the main changes are just visual. We decided to expand our one-page breakfast menu to a two-pager so the text can be a bit bigger and we have a bit more room to describe each item. And of course, we added the image of a sunflower (we love sunflowers), and a bee (we love bees, even more).

Here's our new breakfast menu; you can click on it to see it enlarged.

Here’s our new breakfast menu; you can click on it to see it enlarged.

If you’ve ever taken the time to wander around outside the Craftsman, you’ve surely noticed our gardens. We grow flowers in the front gardens, like lupins, poppies, irises, violets, tall phlox, and lilies. They are all bee-friendly flowers, because we are…well…bee friendly ourselves.

14417626486_0d41e07202_z14437389701_3b4e82967c_z14254143890_b17d0c4b4e_z14254146258_b1978ac190_zYou know how we always say we make real food for real people? Well, that’s thanks in part to the bees. The bees are a small but mighty global workforce that supports all life on the planet by pollinating the fruits and vegetables that we all rely on. Plus, you know, they make honey which is AWESOME! (By the way, honey bees don’t typically sting… hornets and wasps are responsible for that…) We are big on sustainability, which is why we do things like recycle and compost, only feature sustainably resourced fish, bring in as much local inventory as we can, and maintain gardens that feed the bees.

If you’re not aware of the importance of bees, and the struggles they face, spend a few minutes on google getting the scoop. You can also check out an article (written by our daughter; **proud smile**) from last summer’s issue of Country Roads Magazine. Click here to read ‘Bee Fever,’ by our daughter, Michelle.

We are so thankful that the bee populations in North Hastings are strong and plentiful, and we are dedicated to supporting them as much as we can to keep it that way. So yes, our new breakfast menu features a picture of one of our fuzzy little friends, and our gardens (mostly organic and heritage/heirloom) feature all kinds of yummy nectar for our little pollinator buddies. So if you come by the Craftsman and see a little bee, busy as can be, buzzing around the flowers, give him a smile.

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  1. Laurie Ann Storring

    gotta make it out for breakfast sometime soon

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